Epos brand



Epos Loudspeakers was founded in 1983 by Robin Marshall.

Robin was responsible for the companies’ iconic Epos loudspeakers in the 1980’s onwards.

Robin’s “trademark” was to make sure the drive units integrated well and therefore he was able to use simple crossover designs.

The models of those times were very well reviewed and the brand had a big following.


In 1988 Epos was sold to Mordaunt-Short who had been bought by the TGI PLC group in 1987.

Also in 1988 TGI PLC acquired the Creek Audio brand.

Epos loudspeakers and Creek Audio electronics were sold side by side worldwide under Mordaunt-Short’s management.

In 1994 Creek Audio was sold back to its founder Mike Creek.


In 1999 TGI PLC group decided to close the Epos/Mordaunt-Short operations.

The Epos loudspeaker part was sold to Michael Creek, the owner and managing director of Creek Audio Ltd.


In 2020 Creek sold the Epos Loudspeaker brand to Karl-Heinz Fink, founder of German speaker designer firm FinkTeam and also head of acoustic design consultancy Fink Audio Consulting.

Karl-Heinz had always been interested in the Epos design philosophy and knew he could update that philosophy with more modern design and engineering techniques.

In an interview with Robin Marshall made in the 80’s Robin said clearly that he designed the speakers based on the ideas and know-how he had at that time – not more and not less.

That sounded like the Fink Audio way……trying to stretch boundaries and not copying the past.