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“Shunyata is a sanskrit word that expresses an idea; a personification that is not achievable in the physical realm.

It’s the perfect state of stillness before the manifestation of creation.

It’s that stillness that is the backdrop for creation, creativity, and music.

The first manifestation being sound and vibration.

Shunyata is the predecessor to that manifestation.”

The Story

Shunyata Research is the brainchild of Caelin Gabriel, who’s efforts to improve his own music listening experience launched the science and research based company in 1997.

From humble beginnings, Shunyata Research has grown into an internationally acclaimed company which designs and manufactures high performance electrical and cabling systems for recording, film, medical, surgical and consumer audio-visual systems world-wide.

Shunyata Research’s 18,000 square foot manufacturing and design facility is based just outside Seattle, in Washington State.