Bowers & Wilkins Formation

B&W Formation Suite

Formation Duo £3499.99

Formation Duo

The first wireless speakers system that provides wired fidelity, wirelessly*. The Duo features the same industry-defining Continuum cone technology found on their 800 Series.

Formation Wedge £899.99

Formation Wedge

A unique, 120-degree speaker shape, with dedicated full-range stereo sound components and 24-bit resolution for a room-filling audio experience

Formation Bar £999.99

Formation Bar

Experience a truly immersive audio and video experience with this powerful soundbar featuring 9 optimised drive units and a dedicated centre channel so you always feel like you’re in the centre of the action

Formation Bass £899.99

Formation Bass

Add a new dimension of powerful sounding bass to your music and movies with our opposed dual driver technology and Dynamic EQ. 

The Formation Bass pairs with other Formation speakers for the ultimate audio immersion

Formation Audio £599.99

Formation Audio

Stream music in 96/24 bit high-resolution sound to your passive system or turn most passive components into part of a Formation multi-room audio system