PS Audio Sprout100 – mini marvel

PS Audio Sprout100 - mini marvel

PS Audio Sprout100

PS Audio Sprout100

Return of the mini marvel

All New Features, Same Great Story

Sprout represents PS Audio’s vision of a simple, elegant means of playing music at home.

Sprout offers sonic ideals and design principles enjoyed by many thousands of users daily.

Its ease of use should make it appealing and accessible to those who would find most audio gear intimidating; it should also appeal to those who have “been there, done that” and seek a better, simpler way to play music in their home.

It is in this spirit of passion and technological advancement that PS Audio proudly announces our newest, first-tier integrated amplifier: Sprout100

Sprout’s design principles will never change: compact, elegant versatility that brings the content of yesterday to the technology of today. Sprout’s performance and features have been overhauled: more power, more resolution, more romance.

How is Sprout100 different from the original?

To start, Sprout100 offers double the output power, which—apart from providing renewed efficiency, lowered distortion, and greater separation and detail—also serves to galvanise the sonic benefits of extended headroom.

Sprout100 offers a DAC with maximum resolution—one that decodes even 128DSD and 384/24PCM.

They heard you wanted a remote control, an indicator light, a defeatable bass-boost, and an optical input? It’s all there.

Partner with the superb Revel M16 2 way bookshelf speakers for an outstanding system.